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Our Story

Artwood Gallery represents a small sampling of what is happening in today's fine woodworking movement. Our pieces are all one of a kind, individually designed and constructed; most are functional, made to touch and use, all are sculptural. The finest quality craftsmanship and pleasing designs are our goal and a satisfied client is one of our rewards. We consider ourselves artisan woodworkers, designer craftsmen and women, and have chosen to be so. Woodworking will always hold a very special place in our hearts. 

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Artwood began in 1987 in downtown Bellingham, Washington, when a group of woodworkers decided to open a showroom of their work. Artwood, founded as a cooperative, soon located a space in Historic Fairhaven in the southside of Bellingham. The space was in a cooperative building belonging to a land trust. Built in 1890, it needed extensive remodeling. The Artwood membership bonded early in their acquaintance, together wielding picks, shovels, hammers and saws, plumbing and painting tools, finishing the work and re-opening May 1988. The friendship has been a productive and satisfying one, and Artwood artists love to drop in at the gallery, just as much as customers do, to visit and see what's new. As many members have moved out of the area, Artwood is now considered a collective of woodworking artists.

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The Gallery is located on the corner of Harris and 10th in the heart of the Historic District. Fairhaven was established in 1883 and is characterized by handsome brick buildings. The area features many fine shops, galleries, bookstores and cafes overlooking Bellingham Bay. Boulevard and Marine Parks are nearby, making Fairhaven a perfect place to spend the day browsing and sightseeing. Artwood carries on the historic tradition by offering hand-crafted furniture and functional art that will be passed on to future generations. 

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