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Our Collective

The work of Artwood's approximately 70 woodworking artists and about 10 other artists and crafts people are represented in our gallery, fine woodworking complemented by items in a variety of other media. Each piece in our inviting Bellingham woodworking gallery is designed and made by an individual artist. Your senses will be delighted in the graceful lines of a rocking chair, the smoothness of a chair arm, the tones of a wooden ukulele, or the scent of an aromatic cedar box.

Our fine woodworking pieces are all one of a kind, individually designed and constructed; most are functional, made to touch and use, all are sculptural. The finest quality craftsmanship and pleasing designs are our goal; a satisfied client is one of our rewards.

We consider ourselves artisan woodworkers, designer craftsman and women, and have chosen to be so. Woodworking will always hold a very special place in our hearts. We hope you appreciate the time, skill, material, and perseverance it takes to design, make and finish a careful piece of woodworking. We hope so - we do it for you!

- By Founding Member Lou Almasi, October 1987

Sell Your Work

Artwood does take artists' work on a consignment basis. All pieces go through a jury process at the gallery. There are special forms to be completed and policies to understand. Please call to (360) 647-1628 or email us and we will be happy to mail you the information, or fill out the form below:

Request to Become a Featured Woodworker

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