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a gallery of fine woodworking


"The details are not the details.

They make the design."

- Charles Eames

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Artwood Gallery represents a small sampling of what is happening in today's fine woodworking movement. Our pieces are all one of a kind, individually designed and constructed; most are functional, made to touch and use, all are sculptural. The finest quality craftsmanship and pleasing designs are our goal and a satisfied client is one of our rewards. We consider ourselves artisan woodworkers, designer craftsmen and women, and have chosen to be so. Woodworking will always hold a very special place in our hearts.


Our gallery of fine woodworking is located in Bellingham Washington's Historic Fairhaven District and specializes in wooden dining sets, wooden furniture of all kinds, wooden utensils, wooden wall art, jewelry, decor, instruments, cutting boards, textile art, and custom made woodwork, from a variety of local woodworkers. If you are looking for fine art woodworking in Bellingham, Whatcom County or anywhere in the Pacific Northwest of Washington State, you've come to the right website. 

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